Journey planner for mobile browsers

Do you want to access journey planning information on a mobile device without using an app? Then the MVV Journey Planner at is here to help.

Our mobile Journey Planner is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets. Simply open the browser on your mobile device and enter "" into the address bar. Now you can use the MVV Journey Planner to get fast, reliable and up-to-date information on public transportation connections within the MVV network.

Information on connections

Simply specify your departure point and destination by entering a public transportation stop, an address or a landmark (POI). You may also want to select the date and time of day. You can further fine-tune your search in the "Settings" menu, for example if you wish to exclude certain means of transport or search for barrier-free connections only.

The Journey Planner displays the entire travel route, including directions on how to get to the first stop/station or final destination on foot. A very helpful feature for purchasing the right fare: the ticket you need for the requested connection is shown on your screen.


The Departure Monitor indicates the next departures from each stop. Entering a stop is very easy: the Journey Planner suggests conveniently located stops based on what you entered, and then displays all upcoming departures. You can also select specific transportation lines.


The mobile Journey Planner provides you with maps that you can use even when you're on the go, showing you how to get to the first stop/station and from the last stop to your final destination, as well as all transfer points in between.

Notifications regarding changes in the timetable

The "Notifications" section provides you with information on all current and planned changes in the timetable due to roadwork or large public events. This information is sorted by line number for each mode of transport: S-Bahn (suburban trains), U-Bahn (underground trains), regional trains, buses and trams. You can star your preferred line(s) to make sure these specific notifications always appear at the top of the list.

Old mobile phone?

Is your device not compatible with the new mobile Journey Planner? Simply visit, where you will find a highly simplified version of our mobile MVV Journey Planner designed specifically for older mobile phone models.


Do you have any suggestions for improving the MVV Journey Planner for mobile devices? We welcome your feedback!

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