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Do you have a question regarding the MVV? Or do you want to make a suggestion for improvement? Just get in touch. We are happy to receive any kind of feedback – and we’ll take care to provide good answers.

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Service centres

Whether you want to find out more about the schooling tariff, customer information or the trip extension ticket: simply ask the MVV Service Centres. We will tell you which services you can get in which part of the city.

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Lost property

Oh dear! Lost your keys? Forgot your umbrella or perhaps even your camera on a bus or train? Maybe someone handed it in – someone who handles lost & found items as responsibly as you do.

I found a handbag!

Luggage storage

You checked out of your hotel, and there is still time for a stroll through the city. Simply lock your luggage away. We’ll tell you where and how much it is going to cost.

Where’s the nearest locker?