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We have put together frequently asked questions about the OnlineTicket for you.

What is an OnlineTicket?

The OnlineTicket is a ticket which is printed out on an A4 sheet of paper. You’ll have to carry it with you when travelling with the MVV and present it to ticket inspectors on request.

Which tickets can I buy as an OnlineTicket?

The following tickets are currently available as OnlineTickets: Day Tickets (incl. the CityTourCard, the Airport-City-Day-Tickets and the Bicycle Day Ticket). Single tickets cannot be purchased as OnlineTickets.

I have already registered for the MobileTicket. Do I have to register again for the OnlineTicket?

No. If you have already registered once, this registration is valid for the MobileTicket as well as for the OnlineTicket.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can pay for the OnlineTicket via direct debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Customers who are not registered can make a one-time purchase of an OnlineTicket directly by credit card.

How do I change my payment data?

You can only change your payment data when purchasing a ticket online. Please note: you can carry out a purchase order up until the point at which you are requested to enter your payment data, and then, once your data has been successfully saved, you can cancel the purchase order before the transaction becomes final.

I wanted to buy a ticket, but the order process was cancelled after I entered my payment data. What happened?

This problem is usually caused by online browser settings. Please make sure that the settings/options of your internet browser match the security level and allow forwarding. Should you have any further questions, please contact

Why is the OnlineTicket I bought debited from my bank account by a company called LogPay Financial Services GmbH?

This company is a German financial services provider that processes all payment transactions for MobileTickets and OnlineTickets on behalf of the Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV).

Why is 1 euro debited from my bank account by the company LogPay Financial Services GmbH when I buy a ticket with my credit card for the first time?

The payment details are verified within the first disclosure of the data. Thereby the data are transmitted to the card issuer and an amount of 1 Euro is requested and authorized. The authorization usually expires within two weeks. There occurs no booking or collection of the requested amount.

How can I get a receipt for my OnlineTicket to reclaim travel expenses or if the ticket is used for work-related purposes?

All the OnlineTickets you buy are listed in your customer account in the ticket shop. Simply log in to your customer account to print out receipts for any tickets you purchased.

How do I delete my customer account?

If you wish to delete your customer account, please contact

How can I purchase an OnlineTicket?

You can buy your selected ticket via the MVV homepage by either clicking on the ticket shop or selecting the ticket in the MVV journey planner. The journey planner will always recommend the best ticket to buy. Simply click on the ticket and add it to the shopping cart. Complete the purchasing process by entering your user name and password. The ticket will then be displayed on your computer screen as a PDF file, which you can now print on paper (A4 size).

Can I buy an OnlineTicket without registration?

Yes. This is possible if you pay by credit card.

Can I buy an OnlineTicket for someone else?

Yes, you can. You will need to enter the full name and the date of birth of that person when purchasing the ticket. In case of a ticket inspection, the ticket owner has to present the ticket (paper printout) and on demand an official photo ID.

Can I buy an OnlineTicket well in advance?

All OnlineTickets can be purchased up to 30 days before the first day of travel.

How is the OnlineTicket inspected?

In case of a ticket inspection, the OnlineTicket (paper printout) must be presented. The inspector will scan and automatically check the barcode with an electronic device. You’ll have to carry an official photo ID (e.g. identity card, passport) with you. If the ticket inspector requests to see the ID and it cannot be presented, an increased fare becomes due.

Why do I have to carry an ID card with me?

MobileTickets are personalised tickets, meaning they also feature the customer’s name. In order to make sure that the passenger’s name is identical to the name stated on the ticket, you must carry an official photo ID (e.g. identity card, passport) with you on your journey.

How much does an OnlineTicket cost?

OnlineTickets cost exactly the same as regular paper tickets purchased at ticket machines, sales points, kiosks and on MVV regional buses. Reducing the fare of OnlineTickets and MobileTickets, which cost a significant investment sum to set up, would decrease the overall fare income. This loss of fare income would then have to be compensated for by additionally raising the ticket prices for all MVV customers.

Can I present my OnlineTicket on my smartphone or notebook, too?

No, this is not possible. The OnlineTicket is only valid when it is printed out on paper. However, you can upload the ticket saved in your customer account to your phone as MobileTicket and present it to a ticket inspector.

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