Tickets & Fares

Only planning to make a short trip to one part of town? Want to spend a whole week in this beautiful region? Or do you commute to work between Munich and the surrounding districts on a daily basis? We have the ticket that is right for you. Have a good trip with the MVV!


Words? No thank you, I want to see numbers! Have all prices shown in an overview – and you can easily calculate yourself how much money you can save by choosing a different ticket.

Show me the tables, please!

Rules on who or what you are permitted to travel with

Can I take my whole kith and kin with me? And a dog? Or maybe even a few? And what about my bike? If you know the rules, you’ll always get it right. You can often save money, too, because you can take some things along for free.

How it works with little Louise, Rex and a bike

Validating your ticket

Tickets are only valid if they are validated. But it’s simple to do. Here we tell you where the validating machines are, which tickets you have to insert in them yourself and which tickets are already validated when you buy them.

Validating: when and where


Get some advice, ask our Ticket Navigator for the cheapest fare. The express version provides you with quick information regarding the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and all regional trains. The professional version knows more answers – even to tricky questions.

What will my journey cost?

Tariff structure

Become the lord of the rings, zones and areas. Learn more about the boundaries of a short trip. Once you understand the different fares, you won’t need to spend ages standing in front of ticket machines – and you’ll have no need to be anxious the next time there’s a ticket inspection!

I want to learn more now

Tariff maps

All the information at a glance: which stop lies inside the Inner District, which one within Munich XXL? Have the Entire Network displayed or the city area with all bus lines. You are going to find answers to all your questions.

For the man (and woman!) with a plan

Ticket machines

Ticket machines are located at all bus and train stops. And: the newer the machine, the better the service.

A short guide to ticket machines

Cashless payment

Card payments are a fantastic alternative for those times when you find yourself with an empty wallet or purse, or when the ticket machine won’t accept your notes. Here you can find out when and where you can use a credit card to buy your ticket from a ticket machine.

My wallet is empty

Ticket inspection

Ticket inspections are needed because fare dodging is anything but a trivial offence: those who travel without a valid ticket are actually being paid for by other passengers. If you want to object to a demand for excess fare, we will be pleased to look into your particular case.

Responsibilities, rights and contact details