The CityTourCard includes a day ticket for use on public transport in the MVV network within the selected area of validity, as well as discounts for more than 70 tourist attractions in Munich and the surrounding area.

The CityTourCard is available as a Single or Group Ticket for a group of up to 5 adults, whereby any two children between 6 and 14 years of age count as one adult.



Questions & Answers

1) How do I select the area of validity?

You decide which area of validity you need before buying your CityTourCard.

On our Tariff Map of the Entire Network, the four zones are marked in colour. This makes it easy for you to make your choice.

Tariff map

Inner District (Innenraum) - white zone

Entire Network (Gesamtraum) - all zones

2) Where can I buy the CityTourCard?

You can get the CityTourCard from ticket machines at S- or U-Bahn stations, from MVG- and S-Bahn customer service centres, from ticket offices and as MobileTicket or as OnlineTicket

3) Do I have to validate my ticket?

Yes, you do. The CityTourCard also has to be validated before you start your trip. OnlineTickets do not have to be stamped.
When using the ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn, you can choose whether to buy pre-validated tickets or tickets which must be validated separately.

4) How long is the ticket valid?

The simple CityTourCard is valid until 6 am the following day. The 3-day-ticket is valid until 6 am of the fourth day and the 4-day-ticket is valid until 6 am of the fifth day.

5) Which partners offer CityTourCard discounts?

Partners who grant discounts include the Bavaria Filmstadt (film studios), the Munich Residenz including the Treasury, the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum, and many more.

List of all discounts available with the CityTourCard

6) How do I get the discount?

Present your validated CityTourCard at the partner’s ticket office. Some providers ask for a coupon. You’ll find these on the guide to the CityTourCard, and which is available at the Customer Service Centres and the MVG / Deutsche Bahn ticket offices or available for download and to print.