Day Tickets

There’s no need to be afraid of the Day Ticket: you don’t need to be on the move all day long for this ticket to pay for itself. Make just three journeys in a day and it will already be better value than a Single Ticket or a Stripe Ticket.

Single Day Ticket

A whole day to do exactly as you please at one fixed price. Whether it’s shopping, visiting friends or going out to eat: you choose how far you want to go and the MVV will take you there.

Details of the Single Day Ticket

Group Day Ticket

Whether it’s for your girlfriend or husband, your grandma or mother-in-law, the Group Day Ticket is designed for couples and families, as well as for groups and school trips.

Details of the Group Day Ticket

Children’s Day Ticket

Lots of freedom for the kids: with a Children’s Day Ticket, 6 to 14-year-olds can really get around, throughout the entire MVV network.

Details of the Children’s Day Ticket


Arriving by plane? Try the simple and straightforward Day Ticket: it is already validated and can be bought at the airport – you can even use a credit card, if you wish.

Details of the Airport-City-Day-Ticket