Multiday Tickets

The most popular day tickets are also available as excellent value-for-money 3-day tickets. And if you want to stay for 2 days, 4 days or even longer, simply combine the 1-day, 3-day and 4-day tickets.

Choose the appropriate area of validity:

Do you want to make trips throughout the region? If so, you’ll need a ticket that covers the Entire Network.

Or do you prefer exploring the city?
Then choose the Inner District.

At a glance

Single Day Ticket Inner District Single Day Ticket Entire Network
3 days 16,50 € -
3 days CityTourCard 21,90 € 34,90 €
4 days CityTourCard 27,90 € 44,90 €
Group Day Ticket Inner District Group Day Ticket Entire Network
3 days 29,10 € -
3 days CityTourCard 32,90 € 57,90 €
4 days CityTourCard 41,90 € 72,90 €

If you are planning a longer stay of up to one week, the purchase of an IsarCard Weekly Pass – valid on seven consecutive days – may be the more affordable option.

Use the MVV Ticket Information to find out what the best ticket is for your journey.

Questions & Answers

1) How long is the ticket valid?

The 3-Day-Ticket is valid until 6 am of the fourth day. The 4-Day-Ticket is valid until 6 am of the fifth day.

2) For how many people is the Group Day Ticket valid?

The Group Ticket is valid for a group of up to 5 adults, whereby any two children between 6 and 14 years of age count as one adult.

3) Where can I buy the Day Tickets and the CityTourCard?

You can get the Day Tickets and the CityTourCard from ticket machines at S- or U-Bahn stations, from MVG- and S-Bahn customer service centres, from ticket offices and as MobileTickets or as OnlineTickets

4) Do I have to stamp my ticket to validate it?

Yes, you do. Day Tickets and the CityTourCard must be stamped prior to the start of your journey.  OnlineTickets do not have to be stamped. 
When using the ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn, you can choose whether to buy pre-validated tickets or tickets which must be validated separately.