MVV-Semesterticket – Questions & Answers

1) Will I get a replacement if my IsarCard Semester is lost or stolen?

If your IsarCard Semester gets lost or stolen, the customer service centres will issue you a replacement card (one time only). However, you will need to show the original proof of purchase receipt and pay a fee of 5 euros.

2) I study at a different college/university. Why can’t I use the Semester Ticket?

The higher education institutions that participate in the Semester Ticket scheme must be affiliated with the Studentenwerk München (Munich students’ union) and enter into a two-year contract between the Studentenwerk München and the MVV. Higher education institutions can join at the beginning of each semester with six months’ notice.

3) What do I have to do if my student ID from the Hochschule München was exchanged for a new one?

If the Hochschule München (Munich University of Applied Sciences) issues you with a new student ID because your old one was stolen or defective, your IsarCard Semester Ticket is no longer valid for travel with public transport. In this case, please contact a customer service centre/travel centre of one of the public transportation companies belonging to the MVV network, and request a free replacement of your Semester Ticket. Apart from your old ticket, you will also need to show a letter from the Hochschule München confirming that you were issued a new student ID.

4) Who to contact regarding questions about the solidarity fee

Studentenwerk München (Munich students’ union)
Abteilung Hauptverwaltung & Soziales
Sekretariat HV
Leopoldstr. 15
80802 Munich
Tel.: 089/38196-197

5) I currently have a subscription for the IsarCard (“MVV-Abo”). What do I have to do if I want to start using the Semester Ticket instead?

Passengers with an IsarCard subscription (“MVV-Abo”) need to cancel their current subscription at their respective subscription centre. The cancellation must be in writing and must be submitted before the end of the respective calendar month, e.g. by 31 August at the latest to take effect on 30 September. The letter of cancellation must be addressed to the respective subscription centre. There are two subscription centres located in the MVV network: the MVG Subscription Centre and the DB Subscription Centre (belonging to the German Railway). To find out what your respective subscription centre is, simply look at which logo (DB or MVG) was printed on your previous ticket.

6) Can I take someone else with me on my ticket?

No. The student ID counts as a personal MVV travel entitlement, and the IsarCard Semester counts as a personal MVV ticket. Neither allows the bearer to take other passengers along on his/her ticket.