Only valid with a stamp

Your Single Trip Tickets, Stripe Tickets and Day Tickets must be stamped prior to the start of your journey.

These tickets only become valid for travel once they have been validated in this way at the ticket machines provided for this purpose.

Where you can find validating machines

Mode of transport In the vehicle itself On the platform
At the entrance to the platform
Regional train No Yes
S-Bahn (urban rail) No Yes
U-Bahn (underground) No Yes
Tram Yes No
Bus Yes No

Which types of tickets are already validated automatically by the ticket machine?

You can buy most tickets in advance so that you have a ready supply. However, please note that some tickets are already validated at the time of purchase:

  • Single Trip and Day Tickets bought at ticket machines in trams, metro buses and city buses in Munich
  • Single Trip and Day Tickets bought from the electronic ticket printers in MVV regional buses
  • Airport-City Day Tickets

Validation Regulation for buying MVV tickets at ticket machines located at S-Bahn (urban rail) stations

At ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn at S-Bahn stations, you can now choose between already validated tickets or tickets which have to be validated separately.

If you like to buy tickets in advance, please select "not validated" at the ticket machine.

Platform ticket

If you want to get onto an S-Bahn (urban rail) or U-Bahn (underground) platform that can only be accessed via a ticket gate or features some other kind of barrier and you do not have a ticket for travel, you will need a platform ticket. This is available from the ticket machines and is valid for one hour from the time of validation. A platform ticket costs 0,40 cents

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