Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte

Air travellers

By public transport to the airport and back

All the passengers at Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauß Airport have one thing in common: they want to continue their journey without any hassle until they reach their destination, be it near or far.


So you’ve arrived. Now what?

From Munich Airport, lines S1 and S8 run to the city centre. They run alternately every 10 minutes, with the S1 going via Munich West and the S8 via Munich East. The trip takes around 35 minutes.



Travelling with the MVV. Which ticket?

You will need to buy a ticket. We recommend the Airport-City Day Ticket, or the CityTourCard Entire Network which is available for those travelling alone (single version) and for couples, families or groups (group version). It is valid for the whole day on all MVV routes and modes of transport throughout the entire Munich network.

The Airport-City-Day-Ticket or the CityTourCard is available as MVV-MobileTicket or OnlineTicket or from the ticket machines in the airport, which also accept credit cards.

Planning your take-off

To get from Munich to the airport, simply use the Airport-City Day Ticket, which is available at most S-Bahn (urban rail) stations (in the form of the Airport-City Day Ticket) or as MVV-MobileTicket or OnlineTicket. Up to five persons can travel together using the group version of the ticket.

The Entire Network Day Ticket can be used for the same purpose, and – since it is not automatically validated upon purchase – this ticket can also be bought in advance when you're planning your trip.

Other day tickets are also valid, of course. If you live close to the airport, the Outer District Day Ticket would be a cheaper option.

Alternatively you can use a Single Trip Ticket or a Stripe Ticket.

Car parks by the airport

If you park your car in one of the airport's visitor parking places, you can use your car park ticket to travel to the departure terminal – and back – free of charge. Just present your car park ticket, which counts as a valid public transportation ticket for all persons travelling in the same car to and from the airport.

The car parks P 41, P 80 and P 81 are classified as visitor parking places.

Parking at the airport

You can use the car park ticket to travel on the following MVV routes:

  • S-Bahn (urban rail) lines S1 and S8 between the stations Besucherpark and Flughafen (airport)
  • Bus line 635 between the stations Flughafen, Car Park P41 and Flughafen Terminal 1/2 (airport)