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In Munich you can choose between the following Ticketshops, that all have the same product range.


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What is an OnlineTicket?
Which tickets can I buy as an OnlineTicket?
I have already registered for the MobileTicket. Do I have to register again for the OnlineTicket?
Which payment methods can I use?
How do I change my payment data?
I wanted to buy a ticket, but the order process was cancelled after I entered my payment data. What happened?
Why is the OnlineTicket I bought debited from my bank account by a company called LogPay Financial Services GmbH?
Why is 1 euro debited from my bank account by the company LogPay Financial Services GmbH when I buy a ticket with my credit card for the first time?
How can I get a receipt for my OnlineTicket to reclaim travel expenses or if the ticket is used for work-related purposes?
How do I delete my customer account?
How can I purchase an OnlineTicket?
Can I buy an OnlineTicket without registration?
Can I buy an OnlineTicket for someone else?
Can I buy an OnlineTicket well in advance?
How is the OnlineTicket inspected?
Why do I have to carry an ID card with me?
How much does an OnlineTicket cost?
Can I present my OnlineTicket on my smartphone or notebook, too?