Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte



The MVV area is divided into tariff zones for all ticket offers:

  •    Zone M covers the entire Munich city area and in some cases extends beyond it.
  •    Zones 1 to 12 cover the districts belonging to the MVV area.
  •    Munich Airport is located in zone 5.
  •    On the new network plans, each stop is also marked with the corresponding zone (e.g. Harthaus in zone M/1)

Fare calculation:

To determine the fare, you must select the appropriate area of application based on the desired relation, e.g. Zone M for a trip in the city of Munich or Zone M - 5 for a trip from Munich Marienplatz to the airport. Journeys via detours become cheaper, because zones that are passed through more often are only paid once.

When you purchase your ticket, you will be given a zone-specific definition of the desired area of validity and the ticket is only valid for this printed area of validity.

We recommend using the MVV tariff check or the ticket finder.

In principle, the following applies: In the zone tariff, i.e. single tickets, stripe tickets and day tickets, at least zone M or two tariff zones must always be paid; this is the basic price for these tickets. With season tickets, one tariff zone can also be purchased separately.

A large number of stops will in future be located in two zones (e.g. Dachau in zone 1 and in zone 2). The correct zone can then be selected according to the direction of travel and the lower price paid. For the journey from Dachau to the main station, zone M - 1 is thus paid, from Dachau to Altomünster zones 2 to 4 are paid.

With the number of zones, the possible maximum travel time for the single ticket and for the strip ticket increases:
1 hour Short Trip Ticket
2 hours: Zone M or 2 zones
3 hours: from zone M-1 or from 3 zones
5 hours: from zone M-5 or from 7 zones