Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte


The price of single trip and stripe tickets depends on how many of the four zones within the MVV region you are travelling through. Simply look at the tariff map and count the zones. 

For example, if you leave one zone in the north and then enter it again in the south of the region, this zone will count twice. After four zones the price remains the same. 

Tariff map entire network

Tariff map inner district

You must know the exact number of zones you need before you buy a Single Trip Ticket, because it’s available for one, two, three or four zones. 

With the Stripe Ticket, adults have to validate two stripes per zone, young people one stripe per zone and children under 14 only ever validate one stripe per trip – no matter how many zones they travel in.

The journey from the airport to the Olympiazentrum crosses four zones. So you would need a Single Ticket for four zones or to validate eight stripes of your Stripe Ticket.

As the number of zones increases, so does the ticket’s maximum travel time:
1 hour Short Trip Ticket
3 hours 1 zone
4 hours starting at 2 zones and Single Ticket for children/children (6-14 years)