Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte

Our Concept

1 network. 1 timetable. 1 ticket.

Taking the bus to the S-Bahn (urban rail) and then switching to the U-Bahn (underground) – for this entire journey within the MVV network you only need one ticket. Before setting off, you can determine the best route using the electronic timetable information system (EFA) or the timetable booklet – available thanks to the association of public transport companies. Because the more than 40 transport companies within the MVV form one connected network, in which passengers can move freely in the larger Munich area using the S- and U-Bahn (urban rail and underground), buses and trams. This is also made possible by the cross-company coordination of connections.

Once you've become used to a transport association, you will no longer want to have to buy a new ticket every time you change modes of transport, or go through the hassle of looking through different material to try and find a route, only to perhaps find out that the connections don't match.

In the case of public transport, a transport association is the best platform for cooperation between the transport companies and the public sector. This cooperation is coordinated by the transport association. Since the partners divide up the tasks and responsibilities amongst themselves in a sensible way, they create the synergies needed to set up an attractive public transport system.

Within the MVV, a number of different entities work together in an interdisciplinary fashion: the Free State of Bavaria, the state capital of Munich, the eight surrounding administrative districts as well as over 40 public transport companies.

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