Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte

Single Ticket

Single Ticket

The Single Ticket is for a single trip in the direction of the destination. You are allowed to change and interrupt your trip. Return and round trips, however, are not permitted.

The Single Ticket is ideal for spontaneous journeys with the MVV – and it is even cheaper when bought at a ticket machine by cashless payment. If you're planning more than 2 trips in the Munich city area per day, we recommend purchasing the Day Ticket.

At a glance

  Single Ticket Single Ticket for children aged 6-14
Finding out your fare The fare stage required for the trip can be counted from the number of zones on the tariff map or is given in the list of travel destinations on the ticket machines Alternatively, use the MVV Ticket Information Unit price per trip in the entire MVV network
Area of validity For one single trip in the selected zone Maximum travel times For one trip in the entire MVV network Maximum travel times
Trip in Munich 1 Zone Single Ticket Children
2,90 €
1,40 €
Purchase Ticket machines MobileTicket Ticket machines MobileTicket

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